Chemotherapy - Diet and Nutrition

It is a known fact that 50% of cancer patients experience weight loss even before diagnosis. Even small weight loss before treatment is started (less than 5% of body mass) may have an adverse effect on the outcome of treatment. A common secondary diagnosis in patients with advanced cancer is protein-energy malnutrition (PEM).

The overall goals of the nutritional care of the oncology patient are:

  • Preventing or correcting nutritional deficiencies.
  • Minimising weight loss and maintaining a sound nutritional status through early nutritional assessment and intervention as a preventative measure; therefore screening for risk of nutritional problems should occur at diagnosis and continue throughout treatment.
  • Providing guidelines regarding nutritional problems that may be experienced during treatment, eg. guidelines for diet modifications and food selection and preparation.
  • Counselling individual patients and their families on general nutritional principles, the basic rules for a healthy diet and healthy eating habits, and nutritional monitoring.

There are many myths about foods that are allowed and foods to be avoided when you have cancer. These myths cause confusion and may ultimately lead to unhealthy food choices that could be detrimental to your wellbeing in the long run. The value of sound nutritional advice must therefore not be underestimated.

You may not have control over your disease, but you do have control over your food choices. Making smart nutritional choices can make your journey through cancer treatment a little easier. The right nutrition before, during, and after treatment will get you on track for more rapid healing and long-term wellness. Maintaining your weight can also help you finish your treatments on time, recover sooner and feel better.

This service is available free of charge to patients and their families. Please contact the dietician for enquiries or an appointment.

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