Dr A.P Oosthuizen

(Klerksdorp Practice)

Adriana Petronella Oosthuizen

General Practitioner


MBChB M(Fam Med)

Dr A.P Oosthuizen obtained her MBCHB in 1981 from the University of the Free State and did her intern year at the Universitas/Pelenomi complex in Bloemfontein.

At the end of 1982 she marries Lt Casper Minnaar after which they move to Saldanah and Langebaan where he completes his BCom. degree. During this time Dr A3 works as a civilian doctor for the SADF on the Airforce base at Langebaan Road. During this period she runs a military hospital/sickbay with Dr Chris Elsworth. During 1984 she becomes the first female doctor to obtain an Aviation Medicine qualification from the SADF after which she starts doing aviation medicine examinations on the Airforce Base for pilots. She also runs a casualty department for the water-ground operations done by the Recce Unit at the nearby Donkergat.

At the end of 1985 she returns to Bloemfontein where she starts working at Tempe Military Hospital. Here she is mainly involved in the gynaecological and obstetric departments. After 2 years she moves to the Department of Gynaecology at the Universitas Hospital where she works at the Infertility Department for 14 years. During this period she obtains aMFamMed from the UFS.

At the end of 2000 the family – Casper, A3, Kobus and Jurgens – move to Klerksdorp where she initially runs a Healthy Female Clinic form the rooms of Dr Piek and Nienaber. In 2002 she joins Dr Samuel Fourie at the Oncology Unit to help out with after-hour duties and to relieve him from long working hours by working at the Unit after her session at Piek and Nienaber and every second weekend. Due to this extra work load she stops the Female Health Clinic and restricts it only to Infertility.

Dr Samuel offers her a more permanent posting as a Research colleague. She acts as Sub-Investigator for several international studies and runs the Research Unit with Dr Samuel Fourie. Due to larger work-load studies were stopped and Dr A3 is now mainly responsible for hospital patients and after hour work at the Unit.

She does part-time lectures for the clinical pharmacological students from the NWU.

Dr A3 has being president of the Klerksdorp SAMA branch and is still actively involved in SAMA.

The family enjoy camping, hiking and are also active in the gym. Walking with their Boxers and their Scottish terrier is part of their active lifestyle.They are keen travellers and enjoy travelling to Africa.

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