The Patient

Our oncology centres provide therapy in a comfortable and caring environment, administered by a team of professionals who all work to ensure each patient has a positive treatment experience. Patients are often anxious before their first treatment and we will try to make your first and future appointments as stress-free as possible.Dress comfortably, be sure to eat a good meal and take any medication prescribed by your doctor.The use of cell phones or laptops during treatment is allowed as long as other patients are considered.

Dr Alberts, Bouwer & Jordaan Inc.

The Alberts, Bouwer & Jordaan practices and clinics are spread across Gauteng and the North West Province and offer the most advanced treatment methods available worldwide. We pride ourselves in our quality and the standard of care given by our doctors, nurses and support staff who treat all our patients with professionalism, compassion and understanding, providing the most effective treatments and therapy.

After hours contact details:

Radiotel: +27 (0)12 333-6000

(for all practices except Klerksdorp)

PO Box 12555, Hatfield, 0028

Download documents:

Manual in terms of section 51 PAIA ACT [1]
Manual in terms of section 51 PAIA ABJ [2]